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"HistoryHit.TV is an intriguing idea that's risky. Snow is planning to create both original programs and license existing history shows, both of which aren't going to be cheap to do... Like Netflix, will be funded solely by monthly subscription fees.”

October 2017

In Britain’s Greatest Battle James Holland becomes the first historian to investigate the battlefields of Imphal and Kohima, a turning point of the Second World War in the East, and voted Britain’s Greatest Battle

Imphal & Kohima: Britain's Greatest Battle

The Trial of William Bury (& Jack the Ripper?)

Dan Snow joins The University of Dundee for a reconstruction of William Bury's Trial. Bury was the only Ripper suspect to be hanged, for the murder of his own wife

The Vikings in the Vicarage with Martin Biddle

Our Exclusive Documentaries

Martin Biddle shows Dan Snow the explosive discovery in St. Wystan's Churchyard, Repton, that will change the way we think about Viking Britain